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Open offers work best for me Top wants are numbered Jeter cards (no game used cards please), 2005 Turkey Red SPs, 2012 Archives autos, combos and in action. 2012 Gypsy Queen mini base including all B variations. Then what ever catches my eye. I will not be able to ship until Tuesday because of the holiday.

They are a long shot but I am also looking for the Whitey and Yogi cards from the 2008 Stadium Club Stadium Slices set and 1934-36 Diamond Stars. Willing to buy these.

[Image: wadaref.jpg]
[Image: trumbogoldref50.jpg]
[Image: Romineblerefauto199.jpg]
[Image: pujolsref.jpg]
[Image: parmeleechromeauto.jpg]
[Image: lawriediecut.jpg]
[Image: dudablueref199.jpg]
[Image: wadaauto.jpg]
[Image: victorinoblack100.jpg]
[Image: stantondiecut.jpg]

[Image: miloneauto.jpg]
[Image: dunnblue199.jpg]
[Image: carpentergoldref.jpg]
[Image: mauersepia75.jpg]
[Image: kempblue199.jpg]
[Image: hutchisonchromeau.jpg]
[Image: devinblack100.jpg]
[Image: cliffleediecut.jpg]
[Image: VottoFinestfacesofthefranchise.jpg]
[Image: tributebronzekershaw299.jpg]
[Image: PomeranzfinestxfracRC.jpg]
[Image: machadousa.jpg]
[Image: ikexfracrc.jpg]
[Image: hosmerfinestgoldref.jpg]
[Image: heritagebuybacks.jpg]
[Image: heritagebuybacksbraves.jpg]
[Image: heritagebuyback2.jpg]
[Image: Gordonpurple.jpg]
[Image: FreeseFinestmoments.jpg]

[Image: felixfinestref.jpg]
[Image: castrofinestref.jpg]
[Image: DSCN3473.jpg]
[Image: 08HTGSP.jpg]
[Image: DiceKadbkSP.jpg]
[Image: 07BBRCauLincy.jpg]
[Image: dicekRCSP.jpg]
[Image: delgadoquadrelic.jpg]
[Image: josephmusgroveauto.jpg]
I have some quite a bit of numbered jeter. Check me for the votto, kershaw and felix hernandez. Pls look in photobucket as well, I will add it to my org to trade.
What autos did you get from Finest?
(09-01-2012 01:28 PM)iamralpho Wrote: [ -> ]What autos did you get from Finest?

Smyly ref, holding onto it for someone who has some Turkey Red SPs I need.

Point401, I already have all of your Jeters but I will see if I can find something else.
interested in the 08 triple thread num to 25 joey votto rookie feel free to browse my org as i am still steadily adding stuff along the way thanks
[Image: cespedessepia.jpg]

Forgot about this Cespedes.
check me for the carpenter and freese. oh, and cespedes. Big Grin
Sent you an offer man
Cespedes sepia, Trumbo and Carpenter golds, Kemp Blue are gone.

Payne train, didnt see anything Id like right now, sorry.
Offer sent Todd...LMK!
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