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I was very pleased with this. I got two boxes and was happy to hit the rookies I did. All are FT except the Klay Thompson.

BOX 1:
[Image: B8D3E657-32F4-4769-B6B4-6645F68863D7-699...FC1EAE.jpg]
[Image: 1D289107-B312-4619-B785-ECFD49FF3C6F-699...1B5A93.jpg]

BOX 2:
[Image: 32982C99-B536-4405-887F-D3343EC073E1-699...7B5871.jpg]
[Image: F3BC2C84-89F0-4AE0-9CD0-8D306A0C00A0-699...C10EF3.jpg]
Nice break!!!!
Sweet bird
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