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Busted three packs of Prime. Really fun break. I did not hit any of the big rookies or the super patches but I hit a redemption that I was grateful in getting. Never thought I would ever say that about a redemption:


Short print to 10 up to the regular rookies:

[Image: GoodPulls348.jpg]
[Image: GoodPulls346.jpg]
[Image: GoodPulls347.jpg]
[Image: GoodPulls344.jpg]
[Image: GoodPulls345.jpg]
[Image: GoodPulls343.jpg]

And the redemption that made the break!

Blake Wheeler Prime Ties!

[Image: GoodPulls339.jpg]

Not bad to bad to pull this redemption.
Awesome, you lucky sum of a B!! haha
Yeah, those Prime Ties look amazing, congrats on pulling one!
Amazing hit on the Prime Ties! Congrats!!!

Not bad looking cards in my opinion. Nice pulls Smile
Sweet tie cant wait to see it whenit arrives congrats !!
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