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I think I got a good deal @ the LCS, $140 for both. Please remember all the pulls you see below were from TWO boxes of 12'13 Hoops!

2 Kobe Bryant Box Topper Packs: #31, #58, #74, #100 (Pictured below, hehe. If you know me, then you know how I despise D12! Hence why I chose to show this one), #101, #110, #132, #153 - x2 (How do I pull duplicates of this!?) and #180
Kobe Bryant, Posturize him Kobe!!

Insert Cards:
"Courtside": LeBron James (pictured below, very nice photograph!), Blake Griffin (also pictured below because of the nice photograph), Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki, John Wall, Deron Williams, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul
LeBron James

Blake Griffin

"Action Photos": Amar'e Stoudemire (pictured below), James Harden (pictured below), Derrick Rose, Paul Pierce, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade
Amar'e Stoudemire, Posturize him all day, Stat!

James Harden

"Spark Plugs": Louis Williams (pictured below), Tyson Chandler, James Harden, Anderson Varejao, George Hill, Chase Budinger, Glen Davis, OJ Mayo and Al Harrington
Louis Williams

"Board Members": LaMarcus Aldridge (pictured below), LeBron James, Greg Monroe, Joakim Noah, Josh Smith, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Pau Gasol and Kris Humphries
LaMarcus Aldridge

Artist's Proofs:
Shawn Marion
Shawn Marion

AJ Price
AJ Price

Glossy Cards: Tristan Thompson (pictured below), Marcus Morris, Wesley Matthews, Andrea Bargnani, JJ Redick, Jonas Jerebko, Dorell Wright, Boris Diaw, Lester Hudson, JaVale McGee, Monta Ellis and Greivis Vasquez
Tristan Thompson, 12'13 Hoops Glossy

Kobe's All-Rookie Team: Klay Thompson (only pulled 1 of these from 2 boxes, wow)
Klay Thompson

Rookie Impacts: Kyrie Irving (pictured below), Isiah Thomas x2, Tobias Harris x2, "The Manimal" x2, Brandon Knight, MarShon Brooks and Enes Kanter
Kyrie Irving

Base Rookie Cards & "Draft Night" RCs: Anthony Davis x2 (pictured below), Bradley Beal x3 (pictured below), Quincy Acy x3, Harrison Barnes x2, Andre Drummond x2, Evan Fournier x3, Moe Harkless, John Henson x3, Bernard James x2, Perry Jones III, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist x2, Jeremy Lamb x2, Meyers Leonard x2, Damian Lillard x2, Quincy Miller, Austin Rivers x3, Thomas Robinson x2, Terrence Ross x2, Dion Waiters x3 and Tyler Zeller
Anthony Davis

Bradley Beal

Autograph Cards:
Box 1: Kawhi Leonard "Rookie Impact" and Meyers Leonard "Draft Night". I said Leonards, didn't I?!
Kawhi Leonard

Meyers Leonard

Box 2: Tristan Thompson "Rookie Impact" and Quincy Miller base RC auto
Tristan Thompson

Quincy Miller

I told my friends before I busted it that I'd hope to pull a Kawhi auto and I did. TThompson was the 4th pick from last year's draft, has potential, nice pull. As for this year's rookies, Meyers Leonard was a lottery pick (11th I believe) and I know nothing about QMiller other than he was a 2nd round pick (30s) by the Nuggets. Pretty happy with these 2 boxes. Oh yeah, the owner had busted a box of Hoops when I got there and his autos were Marcin Gortat & Markieff Morris...2 suns players, happy I didn't get that box. I didn't want to pull vets, only rookies from last year or this year.

Lastly, I'm a bit confused if the cards from last year's rookie class (Kyrie, Shumpert, Fredette etc.) are actually considered to be rookie cards? I ask because no where on the front of the card does it say "RC" or "Rookie Card" and even on the back they don't have their college stats listed but rather the stats from their first year as a pro. in the NBA... What do you guy's think????? I'm not buying it to be their rookie card..
Nice hits
Is the Klay Thompson FT? If so, send me a PM> I do not have anything listed in my organize at the moment but maybe we can work something out. PLMK
It is their RCs, you just have to think old school 80s cards when a player's card was released after his first year, not before or during ... I was sorting some 12-13 Hoops the other day and noticed that they are numbered in their draft order from last year and not within the team set numbers, so it's Hoops' way of separating them, I guess ... although, you're right, they could have put some kind of logo on them ... I liked the logo that Topps and Upper Deck were both using in like 08-09 and 09-10, but that's just me ...
Nice pulls, shame about the colation - all those doubles! The aldridge is nice - just hope i can pull it when i get my boxes in october.
Nice breaks. If you're looking to trade any of them, I'd be interested in base for the set as well as some of the Pistons inserts/parallels you have.

Also, the reason why you only pulled one Kobe All Rookie Team is because those are case hits I believe. They fall way less than one per box, but I don't fully remember how often they come in the box.
Nice Break!!! Interested in the Kobe's and Kobe All-rookie if they are for trade...
cool breaks. nice autos and love the Kobe topper
@alstott9adams ~ Thanks
@nickm1123 ~ Sorry, I don't trade or sell
@rjcj201 ~ Yup, a simple logo that said "RC" or "rookie card" could've easily been put on the card...
@taffster74 ~ Thanks and good luck in your break of this in October, look forward to seeing your pulls
@xstreaminsanity ~ Thanks for the info, I appreciate that Klay Thompson pull all the more now..
@kct1 ~ Thanks, sorry I don't trade or sell
@mtadams2 ~ Thanks
Dumb question, but what is the difference between the glossy parallel and the base? I bought a glossy and a base version of Klay Thompson off eBay and they look the exact same. They both look glossy. Does the base versions feel more like just plain old cardboard? Did I buy two glossy versions?
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