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I figured it's about time for me to get back into trading. I will ship first to well-established traders here.

I'm a big A's fan, and I'm looking for some cool new PC items. Autos, RC's, inserts, you name it. If the player is wearing the green and gold, odds are I want it!

I usually find it rather difficult to part with my HoF autos and superstars, so it will likely take a very cool PC card to pry those away from me. I'll be adding more cards to my org this weekend, but here are a few scans of some recent pickups.

[Image: Scan00012.jpg]

[Image: Scan00013.jpg]

[Image: Scan00014.jpg]

Let me know if you want to see some pictures of some other stuff in my org! I'm not interested in selling at this time. Cheers!
I have a Trevor Cahill auto and and a '11 Topps Diamond Sparkle SSP Dallas Braden. Let me know if you're interested.
I'd be particularly interested in the Cabrera GU. I'd trade 2x in your favor for any non Verlander/Trout/Harper you can find and would make up the remainder in cash.
PM sent
open offer sent
Trade sent
Open offer sent...
Check out my ORG. I used to team collect the A's and have AUTO, GU, etc. Claim all you want, you have plenty I'd like as well.
Sent an offer for your Dodgers
You can check my org im looking for any griffey's you might have.I sent a open offer.
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