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OK...I have 760 different Ripken cards....I'm making a push towards 1000.
Here are some trade options or check out my org..... some of my PC stuff may be up for trade for the right card. I will be at my daughters soccer tournament all weekend some please be patient if you have a trade offer.

[Image: scan0005.jpg]

[Image: scan0004.jpg]

[Image: scan0006.jpg]

[Image: scan0001.jpg]

[Image: scan0002.jpg]

[Image: scan0007.jpg]

[Image: scan0003.jpg]

[Image: scan0009.jpg]

[Image: scan0016-1.jpg]

[Image: scan0012-1.jpg]

[Image: scan0016.jpg]

[Image: scan0015.jpg]

[Image: scan0014.jpg]

[Image: scan0013.jpg]

[Image: scan0011.jpg]

[Image: scan0012.jpg]

[Image: scan0010.jpg]

[Image: scan0008.jpg]

LET'S GET TO 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love your Nolan Ryan avatar & the Nolan Ryan part of your sig.
I have a few Ripken's nothing special. Sent you a TO and trade message, thank you.

Interested in Strasburg, Harper and Nova. Offer sent.
Trade offer sent. I have a bunch of Ripkens FT. Let me know if I have anything you need. Thanks.
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