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Base Cards:
Deron Williams #88/299
Deron Williams, #88/299

Bob Lanier "Legends" Card #84/299
Bob Lanier, #84/299

Dwight Howard "Spotlight" Silver parallel #8/49
Dwight Howard, #8/49

Memorabilia Card:
Daequan Cook "Trophy Case" Jersey (probably the worst player in the set..but I'll gladly take it for my hit)
Daequan Cook, #51/99

Autograph Cards:
2011 Draft Class Auto Redemption. XRC-CC (Hope it's a good one)

Blake Griffin "Glass Cleaners" Autograph Jersey Card #45/49
Blake Griffin, #45/49

So after I opened this box @ the LCS I persuaded the owner to open a box, the box I almost was going to pick but decided not to. And he pulled a redemption for an Isiah Thomas auto/jersey card, phew...what relief I didn't choose that one..
Sweet Break!!! Congrats on Blake Auto!!!!!!!!!
Nice break that Blake is awesome congrats.
nice griffen
Congrats on the Griffin, here's hoping for a good redemption.
nice break.
Sweet Blake nice product
Thanks everyone!
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