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As the title says, I am buying the cards listed below. Please PM with a scan and price.

Single Memorabilia

Elvis Presley
Carrie Underwood
Gene Simmons
Snoop Dogg
Jimi Hendrix
Elton John

Double Memorabilia

Bruce Springsteen/Elvis Presley
Elton John/Elvis Presley
Buddy Holly/Elvis Presley

Quad Memorabilia

Buddy Holly/Elvis Presley/Elton John/Bruce Springsteen

1/1 Cut Signature

Bruce Springsteen
Buddy Holly
Demi Lovato
Dr. Dre
Elvis Presley
Jimmy Page

Dual 1/1 Cut Signatures


1/1 Art Card

Amy Winehouse
Buddy Holly
Elvis Presley
Freddie Mercury
Jimi Hendrix
Kurt Cobain

Any offers would be greatly appreciated.
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