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Try one box. Hoping for either a Dean Smith or Wooden Auto.

Every box suppose to have 5 autos and 1 jersey.

Well my box beat the odds but had a lot of scrub autos.

Here are the goods from the box:
[Image: CIMG8840.jpg][Image: CIMG8839.jpg][Image: CIMG8838.jpg][Image: CIMG8837.jpg][Image: CIMG8836.jpg][Image: CIMG8835.jpg][Image: CIMG8834.jpg][Image: CIMG8832.jpg][Image: CIMG8830.jpg]

But wait there is more...
[Image: CIMG8828.jpg] [Image: CIMG8827.jpg] [Image: CIMG8826.jpg] [Image: CIMG8825.jpg]
Jersey Rodney Carney
[Image: CIMG8831.jpg]
Rondo Parallel
[Image: CIMG8829.jpg]

Dean Smith Auto.
[Image: CIMG8833.jpg]
You got 13 autos? That's absurd!

And of course you hit a Buckeye haha. I'd love that T-Dials! Beautiful Dean Smith too!
Man that is just sick! That is a lot of autos in just one box. Congrats on the Smith auto!
Sick smith nice red autos
wow, awesome
Thank all. I was overjoy when I pulled the Dean!
There were like 30 packs in this box. When I openned the first 12 packs I already pulled 5 autos, and I said to myself, "Oh, no all 5 guarantee autos were already pulled!"
But to my surprise, on the 14th pack, I pulled the Dean, and the many autos after that!
Glad I took a gamble on the box, I think it was the last one from the online store too.
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