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I'm making my experience with this guy public so that nobody else has to deal with this BS! He & i accepted a trade on July 2nd & also on July there are 2 pending trades. The first trade was my 01-02 UD Young Guns Pavel Datsyuk for his 07-08 UD Young Guns Patrick Kane & 09-10 UD Young Guns Matt Duchene. After receiving my Datsyuk he hesitated in trading both cards as my Datsytuk had a chip in the top border edge. This was noted before i shipped & he agreed! Once he saw the chip...we talked & i told him to just keep the Duchene & only send the Kane. He agreed & thanked me for that. I didn't want to do that at first because he knew about the chip & we talked about it on several occasions before i shipped...but i wanted to keep a good record here at Beckett & with fellow traders so i said to keep the Duchene. I shipped on July 6th & he received the Datsyuk on the 18th, he marked it as recieved & left feedback for the first trade to me.

While that trade was "shipping"..we agreed to a 2nd trade. This was for my 06-07 The Cup Scripted Swatches Ilya Kovalchuk 4/25 & my 08-09 The Cup Scripted Swatches James Neal 15/25 because he was looking for patch cards. He was to trade to me his 11-12 UD Young Guns Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, an 07-08 UD Young Guns Carey Price, & an 09-10 ITG H&P Game-Used Emblem Black Scott Glennie /6. He was to hold the Patrick Kane for the first trade until the 2nd trade was received so he could ship all 4 cards on his end at one time! This was agreed officially on July 14th. I shipped out on July 17th & he received the cards on July 27th....marked on his end the cards being received, & his cards for both trade "shipped" on his end the same day on July 27th!'s now August 27th & i still haven't received any cards from Mr. Dave Perkins (Rookieaholic2nd)..which is sad for many reasons! (1) He's had many trades on Beckett...i think around 57 or so according to his profile. So he should definitely know what he's doing! (2) The Beckett invoice for trades clearly has my address on it, so there should be no excuse for "i got your address wrong", or anything like that!. (3) He mentioned family heath issues (whether that is true or not has no bearing on why it's taking so long) & didn't actually ship on the 27th...that it was like 4 or 5 days later. Even only took me 10 days for my cards to ship to him at the cheapest way to Canada..which he requested! (4) He's a member on the Cloutsnchara site & has done a trade with a member there in the same month he & i had our trades going on here...& that guy on CnC he traded with lives in Texas too, as i do, & he got his cards in roughly 2 weeks! (5) I've traded with Doug8788 on here & he lives in Canada too...i got my trade from him in exactly 1 week! & his shipping cost on the package was $2.15! He's still awaiting my card to arrive...which should be there soon! (6) When Dave & i were first working out our trades...he kept in great contact with me, just about every day. Ever since he "supposedly" shipped his cards off, his communication has been nothing short of SUB-PAR & PATHETIC! He logs in here & to Cloutsnchara..only to avoid contacting me (well..he's had one or two very short messages to me) & the site moderators for other trades he has going on there that people are waiting on him as well.

Several times i've asked Dave to ship my cards back to me with a tracking #, which he has acknowledged & supposedly agreed to that he should do that. I also have stated to him that if the cards i traded for did actually make it here that i would send back the cards i trade to him. He should know i can hold up my end of the he's received them!

I hated that it had to come to this! This trade has been rediculous! Every once in a while it might take a week longer than expected to ship from Canada..but when he's had another trade go to Texas & that guy got his...i declare Shenanigans! If my cards can get to you in 10 shuldn't take 3 weeks or more to get back to me...even at Canada's slowest shipping!

I'm making this known to you all, fellow traders & site moderators! Dave Perkins...i want my cards back. You have ruined any chance of us ever trading again! I won't accept any excuses, as there shouldn't be any! I have the right to state my opinion on this ordeal. This is one message that won't be avoided. Hopefully none of you guys have to experience an almost 2 month long trading session, only to get nothing out of it!
I only ask you, Dave, to make things right! If you can...maybe you can change my mind about you. As of now it's not thinking highly of you!
Well dang never good to hear these threads!
Yes, josia, it sucks to even have to get to this point & make it public.. as i was hoping things could be handled like adults! But his actions have left me no choice. If the shoe were on the other foot.......! This wasn't no "few dollar" card trade going on here...we're talking about several hundred dollars worth of stuff on both ends here!
Ya big money trades with someone who has multiple trades you would think will go smoothly on both ends. No one wins when one party screws the other. I would say heck maybe he did run into some issues except for the fact he completed other trades so thats a no go. Does he realize this could basically end his trading career here?
Well...the fact he's had other being in the same state as me & the city is 3 hours south of me...that is a big red flag when that guy got his cards in about 2 weeks & i'm still sitting here with nothing. But another big red flag is the fact that.....if i can't even get the cards i traded for, then how can i really expect he'll return my old cards with no problems? The trust issue has been completely compromised!

If the cards i traded for would actually show up...i'll eat these words & offer a public apology to him. But that remains to be seen!
ive done numerous trades with Dave and never had any issues, i hope things work out for the both of you but to call someone out in a thread like this isnt effective in resolving the issue unless Dave see's it.
i understand your frustration but contacting a mod might have been a better approach.
I have recently completed a couple trades myself with Dave and havent had any problems. Received my cards rather quickly. GOOD LUCK TO YOU, and hope your cards arrive
I am waiting on a deal from him as well. System says it was mailed on the 11th, but still haven't received it as of today (28th) and he is not even an one hour drive from me (both in Canada). Communication was great and he sent offers all the time to me. Now, it seems like it has dried up. Very interesting...
i am also awaitin cards from him n he shipped on Aug.10th (both in Canada)
I am also awaiting cards from him...a Stamkos young guns. I sent mine registered so it co I'd be tracked and they left a notice for him that it needs to be picked up. He marked it as shipped 6 days ago, so I hope I get I'm a little worried
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