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My wife just taught me how to upload pictures so i just want to show off some of my favorites!!!!!! This is one of my favs
Tho the attachment appears to be working it usually doesnt. If you really want to show them off get you a photobucket account and copy and paste the [img] code into your thread. Beautiful card BTW.
I can't figure out how to copy the IMG code. It won't let me highlight it to copy it. when I click on it it says copied but won't let me past in another area. How do I copy the IMG code without having to write it down everytime??
Clicking it to where it say copied usually works. I have actually never seen it not work. Are you pasting it in the reply box that you are typing into? That is where it needs to go.
[Image: 2be3ac32.jpg]
Thanks so much for your help, i was trying to paste it where it said attachment, i got it to work by pasting it in the message box, thanks so much!!!!!
Beautiful card!
oh my...i was expecting an ugly exquisite college unis...

but this...

very nice
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