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Lookin to move these for autos of stars like Jeter, Stanton, Hamilton, McCutchen, Cano, Bautista, Harper, Moore and triple threads.

Please note there is some damage to corners
[Image: Image29.jpg]

[Image: Image26.jpg]

[Image: Image2.jpg]

[Image: 05BFF35E-A585-4B9C-92A5-01C26BF35D68-537...1EE720.jpg]

[Image: 9CF241A6-AF13-4EC8-9912-2C599D691319-978...C1E342.jpg]

[Image: d0d83541.jpg]
Can you check me for the Nolan Ryan?
I'm a diehard Jays fan for some odd reason *lol* but I'd be willing to dip into my PC for the two Bautista autos I have and trade them to you for the Nolan Ryan. Check my org if you're interested in them and lmk please and thank you! Smile
Are you interested in a Jaimie Garcia world series relic?
(08-27-2012 08:56 PM)damandan28 Wrote: [ -> ]Are you interested in a Jaimie Garcia world series relic?

Lol no. Why?
I'm trying to get rid of it. I just took a shot in the dark.
Yea not looking for anything like that right now. Just the guys I mentioned.
Bryce Harper signed ball?
(08-27-2012 09:37 PM)damandan28 Wrote: [ -> ]Bryce Harper signed ball?

No thanks. Cards only.
check me for the Nolan
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