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Full Version: sneak peek 2 and 3
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ok, no more spoilers, but i have my tracking number and just wanted to show 2 more.

These are two that i have never laid eyes on until today

both /25

[Image: 7200922B-782E-4B8D-A8A2-507813BCF2A5-743...7872E8.jpg]

[Image: 60C8C1BF-C3A8-4A16-ABCD-B3B4836A5D89-743...20B83E.jpg]
nice... keep em coming!!!
Nice love that Press Pass
OK now,i already used all the words in my vocabulary "which isn't to big"to express every great card you have gotten,so i have to start recycling them over again.So lets start off again with............WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
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