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So if you are a football fan you have heard the name Alfred Morris. He is a rookie running back on the Redskins and has basically been TEARING it up so far in the preseason. Well, like Nick Foles for example, has also been outstanding. His BV's went up a little. While Alfred Morris, who doesn't have many cards, happened to GO DOWN in value. WTH!?
because they are currently buying his cards...when they want to sell they raise the
Maybe not many people care? Who knows? I thought beckett values were based on market study. And if the market isn't out for him. Maybe in a bit. Like when he is named starter. Has doug martins cards risen, since he has been named starter?
I wouldnt worry too much about the BV right now. I mean during the NBA season there was Linsanity and while his Contenders were selling for well over 250 his bv on it was like 15 lol
value isnt based on stats, especially pre-season stats when folks are running up digits on 2nd team and third team defenses

especially since, as i read this morning, that rookie is still a third-stringer, and not likely any time soon to win a starting position. also: the redskins have a couple other rookies who, frankly, are going to keep the limelight off this kid
I don't care much about BV. All I know is that I picked up a couple Alfred Morris autos for under five bucks each a month ago and now they're selling for 15 each. Tried to pick up some more yesterday and they've each got like ten bidders!
(08-27-2012 01:14 AM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]because they are currently buying his cards...when they want to sell they raise the

LoL wall street economics lovely. Sell sell sell because we want to buy.

Now buy, buy, buy.................because we bought it all and now want to sell it for much much much more Smile

In all honesty. If you want to buy his cards this should help you tremendously. Book value going down only hurts the sellers not the buyers.
Aside from TD and CP, the shanahan RBs are hard to predict. 2 months ago it was Helu. last month it was Royster. Now its Morris who is considered the starter. There is even rumors that its hightowers job once he is healthy. A lot of people arent going to invest at this time and would rather wait til the games actually start.
actually pulled a morris auto in the very first pack of 2012 cards i bought this year. Now that i hear hes a star and the next tebow/linsanity i think im gonna put it up on the bay with a bin at $20,000.00 and just see what happens. jk but it wouldnt surprise me if someone has already done it. I get a little frustrated when people put obsurd prices on cards. im really shocked that someone hasnt offered to accept a soul in exchange for one of those yellow rookie x fractors of aaron rodgers i swear ive seen those things with bins higher than my car.
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