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This time I went with Score, and scored...

[Image: 12-13ScoreHotRookiesAutograph-RobertMayer.jpg]

Got to stop for coffee more often, I'm at 2 autographs for a total of $6.00.

As usual, it's available. Cheers!
ok bro I'm really starting to hate you lol BTW I can't remember, did I ever get that lil care package out to you? If not it's sitting on my desk, and I GUESS i can still ship it to you, even though you're own lol congrats bro!
you are on fire
lol im a habs fan and i dont even know who that is Smile

cant complain though from 3 packs
You SOB lol wow man let the force be with you lol cant beat that bro great packs
Congrats on your luck.
Nice auto how was the coffee?
I'm gonna start drinking coffee. Wtg on your autos Smile
Nice hit on the coffee break.
Awesome hit, Chris! Congrats!

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