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On a whim bought three boxes of BO and have a box of 2012 SPx incoming, but couldn't wait....did pretty good I must say...

2011 Absolute

117-DJ Williams RC 295/399
161-Bruce Carter RC 177/399
189-DeMarcus Van Dyke 367/399
4-Frank Gifford NFL Icons 066/100

Julio Jones RPM NFC 69/99

[Image: scan0267.jpg]

Shane Vereen RPM AFC 44/99

[Image: scan0272.jpg]

Shane Vereen RPM Auto NFL 105/299

[Image: scan0273.jpg]

Darren McFadden Spectrum Auto 03/25

[Image: scan0275.jpg]

2011 Certified

163-Bruce Carter RC 490/999
193-Jeremy Kerley RC 419/999
211-Marvin Austin RC 572/999
41-Miles Austin Mirror Red 076/250
3-Steve Breaston Mirror Blue 043/100
33-Titus Young Certified Potential 456/999
4-Peyton Manning Gold Team 171/999

Doug Flutie Fabric of the Game Jersey 090/250

[Image: scan0282.jpg]

Stephen Burton RC Auto 249/250

[Image: scan0274.jpg]

Ben Roethlisberger Fabric of the Game "Steelers" Jersey 25/25

[Image: scan0276.jpg]

Jake Locker Freshman Fabric Dual Jersey/Auto 103/299

[Image: scan0281.jpg]

2011 Limited

Matt Ryan 402/499
Chad Ochocinco 248/499
Bo Jackson 059/499
Doug Williams Gold Spotligh 22/25

Jordan Todman Jumbo Jersey 03/99

[Image: scan0279.jpg]

Jerrel Jernigan Initial Steps Shoe 34/99....Oh Wendy....

[Image: scan0278.jpg]

Owen Marecic RC 264/499....been awhile since I pulled a 264/ PC.

[Image: 11LimitedMarecic.jpg]

OH YEAH and this guy....

Cam Newton Phenoms Auto/Jersey 065/199

[Image: scan0277.jpg]

Goes well with this one pulled a little while ago....

[Image: scan0056.jpg]
Great hits, bud! Can't go wrong with the DMC, Locker, AND another Newton!
(08-23-2012 10:45 AM)sconnienation3 Wrote: [ -> ]Great hits, bud! Can't go wrong with the DMC, Locker, AND another Newton!

Thanks. Don't forget the 34/ and 264/.....LOL
(08-23-2012 10:53 AM)0264 roadrunner1964 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. Don't forget the 34/ and 264/.....LOL

Oh, I know. What are the odds of pulling both numbers in the same box?! likey......Smile
very very nice hits....some people have all the luck
could i have the mcfadden.....pretty pretty please with sugar on top...?.....Smile
Awesome break!!!!! Something great for you and a little something for Wendy as well!

Not sure if your parting with any but I could use the Steelers team die cut. Smile
Not a single Buckeye.....
Nice breaks Mister!
Nice stuff!!! What would you be looking for in trade or sale for one of the Newtons? If you are parting with them anyway.
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