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Full Version: 4 packs of Hoops
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Would have bought more but really did not see the sense in it ...4 packs hit both auto' and Anthony Davis.......a few pics......comments always welcomed.
[Image: ah1.jpg]
[Image: ah4.jpg]
[Image: ah3.jpg]
[Image: ah2.jpg]
You did kill it in 4 packs wow
wow both hits from 4 packs, nice. is the markieff auto for trade or sale?
Very nice break! Markieff is one of my favorite players also! Are all the auto's in this set stickers?
Nice! The Irving RC is no slouch, either ...
Nice miller
Wow, you pulled both autos in 4 packs, with a Kyrie & ADavis to boot. Quite a feat there, buddy.
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