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Well I finally got time to scan pictures and decided to share what I got with you guys. Luck was really nice and ended up signing for atleast 20-25 minutes after every practice so he was fairly easy to get if you wanted him bad enough (coming from a guy who was there everyday) lol. Anyways the only drawing I actually wasn't able to get signed was Andrew but I'll have it for next year and I totally skipped Brazill when doing them too so hopefully he makes and stays on the team. Anyways here goes...

My binder cover lol
[Image: TrainingCampCover.jpg]

Coach Pagano

[Image: coltspagano.jpg]

Pat McAfee (Punter) - have to love the inscription lol

[Image: coltsmcafee.jpg]

Adam Vinatieri

[Image: coltsvinatieri.jpg]

Chandler Harnish - He actually signed his full name clear as day, only one I ever saw him do at TC

[Image: coltsharnish.jpg]

T.Y. Hilton

[Image: coltshilton.jpg]

Austin Collie - Hope he is able to recover but sadly I think he may be done with football

[Image: coltscollie.jpg]

Donald Brown

[Image: coltsbrown.jpg]

Vick Ballard

[Image: coltsballard.jpg]

Delone Carter

[Image: coltscarter.jpg]

Antoine Bethea

[Image: coltsbethea.jpg]

Coby Fleener

[Image: coltsfleener.jpg]

Dwayne Allen

[Image: coltsallen.jpg]

Reggie Wayne - Sucks my sharpie went crappy but ot is still there lol

[Image: coltswayne.jpg]

Dweight Freeney

[Image: coltsfreeney.jpg]

Robert Mathis

[Image: coltsmathis.jpg]

Now for some of the bigger stuff of luck that I got. The helmet was already shown here but here it is again lol

[Image: 0731121748.jpg]

Bought the jersey to wear but ended up getting it signed while waiting in line to get into TC. Was caught off guard and just handed it to him lol.

[Image: 0808120936.jpg]

Got two jersey numbers signed. Only intended to get 1 but the black on the 2 is super hard to see outside of sunlight. Was able to get the 1 in silver about a week later.

[Image: 0821121357a.jpg]
[Image: 0821121357.jpg]

This is where I'm going with the jersey numbers...

[Image: LuckNumbers.jpg]

Then lastly I got the football. Wanted to set it next to the Peyton one I have and luckily on the next to last day I was able to get it signed when Andrew walked right over to where I was after practice.

[Image: 0821121358.jpg]

Training camp this year was a blast and the media really didn't take away from it like I thought they would with the hype surrounding Luck. Looking forward to a great year of Colts football and watching this kid grow. I just got my Dolphins vs. Colts tickets 9 rows up from the field by where the Dolphins run out at. Hoping Tannehill will sign my jersey before the game (longshot maybe? lol).

Thanks for the look.
Wow man!!! What a haul!!! Those sketches are sick!
Awesome drawings! The Luck stuff is sweet too!
congrats man you cleaned up, the access you had to players is insane. can never get in a good spot at training camp
Looks like you had a great time! Congrats!!
very cool man love IP autos.
Yah I got lucky quite a few times. It seemed like Luck would always come somewhere close to where I was after practice if not right to me. I asked for an inscription on the helmet but he said he didn't feel comfortable at this moment doing it. No big deal the helmet isn't leaving my possession anyways lol. The only players I wanted but didn't get were Josh Chapman, Jerrard Powers, and Lavone Brazil. Fleener was the hardest to get of everyone for me. Seemed like he didn't sign much.

I did these drawing over the course of a week. I thought about doing a Tannehill one and trying to get it signed down by the field before the game when they are here in Indy. It's a neat TTM idea I think. I heard Tannehill is super nice so hopefully he will sign some stuff...
very nice pickups!! Congrats!!
Does anyone else think that PSA might not pass the helmet? It stinks the worst auto I got from him was on it. For some reason I have a feeling they would deny it
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