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I am looking to purchase Jordan Schafer cards. I would offer a trade however I have only begun collecting again and do not have any cards that anyone would want, unless you are looking for kindling.

Really trying to hunt down some of the following

2011 Topps 437 Black
2011 Topps 437 Gold
2011 Topps 437 Target

2008 Donruss

Also really any short print card there is. I have been all over the marketplace buying and on the bay but it very hard to buy on the bay since I live in Canada and nobody wants to ship here.

Thank you!
You should have caught me about 6 months ago I got rid of a BGS 9.5 copy of his xfractor Chrome AU and a BGS 9.5 of his Chrome Gold RC

I still have some extras of him in my PC I might would move if you want to take a look in my bucket later
I have a 2009 sweet spot Schafer rc autographed and #'d /350. It only has a BV of $10. Make me an offer if interested.
I have a 2012 Allen and Ginter auto. Feel free to PM me with an offer.
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