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Went on a pack spree of here are the Hockey hits......
[Image: afc5.jpg]
[Image: afc6.jpg]
[Image: ds2.jpg]
[Image: afc4.jpg]
[Image: ds1.jpg]
[Image: ds3.jpg]
[Image: afc7.jpg]
[Image: ds16.jpg]
Iginla 15/25.....Thoughts and comments always welcomed..
Not sure how many packs you bought, but I'd say you did pretty well. Congrats!
wowo sweet hits
you did very well congrats

you got some nice hits
Heck ya good job man how many packs did it take?
Those last 2 are wicked. Good pulls!
Almost a whole box of Elite ,only 4 packs of Contenders 2 remaining in one box pulled the Holland auto then he broke open a new one and I pulled the Kruger patch auto....1 pack of Heroes and Prospects and a whole box of Goodwin my auto was a female race car driver so I did not post it Maryeve Dufault and for the artifacts which was super expensive at my hobby shop bought 2 packs pulled a legend Ted Lindsay /999 and the Lidstrom bogus in my opinion for almost 40 bucks for the artifacts...thanks for all the comments...
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