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Full Version: Mass duplicating
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My aplogies if this has already been asked, but my battery is going dead and I wanted to get this one in.....

My son recently took up collecting, and I have been trying to keep all of his cards in organize. Problem is, I still collect too. Short of individually going thru each card and duplicating, then moving, etc etc etc is there any way I can get two folders with the same cards in them without overlapping the "have" amounts?

For example, I have all of his 2012 Topps cards in a folder labeled "Anthony's 2012 Topps". If I go in and add the entire set to my own 2012 Topps folder, it will also transfer all of the totals I have listed for his. I would rather not combine the two, but at the same time it would take forever to individually duplicate them all.

Any help would be great, thanks!

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