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Looking to trade for everything from base on up. Let me know what ya got.

Base #203 PENDING
Refractor #203 PENDING
Xfractor #203 ACQUIRED
Orange #203 (retail hanger packs) ACQUIRED
Purple #203 (retail blaster boxes) ACQUIRED
Blue #203 /199 PENDING
Black #203 /100 ACQUIRED
Sepia #203 /75 ACQUIRED
Gold #203 /50 ACQUIRED
Red #203 /25 ACQUIRED
Atomic #203 /10 ACQUIRED
Superfractor #203 /1
Black Plate #203 /1
Cyan Plate #203 /1
Magenta Plate #203 /1
Yellow Plate #203 /1
If I run across any will save them for you and let you know what I get
Got purple, anyone else pull any?
I have no cards but watching Old's box busters your guy has an awesome picture on the card this year
Yeah! I have located a copy of all but the red, orange, and Super. Then of course the plates.

I have only acquired the purple thus far though and I am about to close on the black I think.
I got some Finest on the way if I get any ill set them aside for you
I have a base and a blue I can fire your way. PM me your address.
Still need some
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