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I really wanna do a set of some sort this year but cant decide... I did the 2010 rookies and stars patch autographs and enjoyed doing it. I like collecting my press pass showcase 1/1 autos also but want something else.. looking for 1/1s are hard any more and just a rarity.
i liked the elite helmet autos(acetate) but theres 65 of them...any suggestions?
I think the best looking set for 2012 is the Topps Field General Auto's 1/1. A bit pricey though since I think the rodgers just sold for like $2,500.

I think doing the 2012 prestige prestigious picks materials prime autographs# /99 patch auto's for the rookies would be a nice set. (going for at least 3 color patches on all the cards would be some fun for around $1000-$1500 to complete)
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