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Why are some graded with the Auto Grade on Front and some on back?

I tried having a Griffey Regraded to have the Auto on Front but they said there wasn't enough space....but yet as can be seen with the Bumgarner examples that doesn't really make sense.

I'm fine with either or. I just want consistency or an explanation

Were they submitted at the same time or was the back graded auto done more recently? The ones i have all are front graded but i think they changed recently to get their logo on the front & any cards with an auto are now on the back. Personally, i like the grades to be on the front like the right sided scan of yours.
Same. They fluctuate I think. I had an order come in that had a mixture.
because the auto grade is already pre printed, while the card grade has to be printed as to the card condition, sub grades, etc, and depending on the grader, etc.... they could have a different font size than another grader, or they could have printed out on a different printer than another grader, etc..
Well that's stupid. I want my BGS label to be consistent with one another. Either all Auto on back, or all Auto on front. Not mixing just because different graders are lazier than others or have different preferences. Fix this please Beckett
i'd prefer them all on front that way you can see it in one scan
I agree I would prefer it to be on the front so that it can be shown on one scan
I agree, I prefer that the Auto grade be on the front and have its own label.
I just got a Ron Santo auto back last week, and the grade for the auto (a 10, by the way, sorry I had to brag) is indeed on the back.

A little off topic but has an auto ever been anything besides a 10? I always see 10
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