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and the Trade Tool? I cannot access my organize. Everything comes up blank. I pay for 2 subscriptions here and this is looking like the conversion time. Are we a sinking ship AGAIN!
All I see are zeros in everyone's org that I have tried to look at this morning. Including my own. I hope they get this fixed soon!
Organize was working fine late last night but this morning, not so much
SO its out now, i got scared I had lost everything.
it appears that is also messing with trade page as well. I can't see pending trades either
It has affected anything associated with Organize.
(08-19-2012 08:33 AM)mq13 Wrote: [ -> ]It has affected anything associated with Organize.

im just getting a blank page now. before, oit was saying that i had no public folders (but it didnt show my hundreds of private collections either)
it's back up now

you know, if it's scheduled, let us know. if there's a glitch, let us know

the lack of communication is annoying
I personally have not had an issue with the Org. yet (knock wood!!!), so I cannot add anything. I just hope that the issues pan out for you guys! Best wishes!

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