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I have 2. In descending order:

2. Opening release date or 2004 Fleer Hot Prospects - I go to the shop and buy a box - bust a sweet Kevin Jones 3 color auto rc. Looking at buying other boxes.....owner says to me - if you want, you can have these two rc auto/patch cards for $75 - what I bought them for (owner and I were cool that way - no profit for him). I declined - pulled a Schaub and Devard Darling on the next two boxes.

1. $50 price tag on a pack of 1986 Fleer.....with the Michael Jordan rookie peeking through the nearly transparent pack. This was probably 1990 - so $50 was steep - especially for a 12 year old. But - doh!!!!

Oh, and for 2? They were a pair of Roethlisberger multi colored auto patches.

Those are my two - DOH! Moments.

And yours?
Mine happened this past season. I had a couple redemptions of someone I didn't collect. so I said exchange them ASAP.

Both redemptions were for Jimmy Graham autographed cards. Sad
Thinking I had hit the lottery when I bought this beauty:

[Image: jm.jpg]
That one actually hurt me when I saw it.
oh damn!I can relate to the Russell,lol
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