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I collected baseball cards from around 1990-1993, that was back when I was 10-13 years old. I stopped collecting and bought a few random packs of baseball until 1995 when I stopped all together to save for my first car.

Now here I am getting back into the hobby, but my taste has changed where I like football as a sport more than baseball and I assume I will prefer collecting football more since I am more familiar with the names and teams of the sport. I will probably pick up a few baseball, but right now I am pretty focused in on football and would really like to know where to start.

As of now I have bought 5 retail packs of 2012 Prestige from Target, 2 Jumbo 2012 Topps from my local card dealer, a blaster from 2011 Score I found at Walmart last night for $5.98, and a blaster 2012 Topps, the 72 card variety. Out of these I must say I prefer the 2012 Topps Jumbo, and would like to put a complete set together of the base cards.

Before I jump the gun on anything I have done a little research and WOW! There are a ton of cards still to come out from Bowman and Topps for the 2012 year. I like the Base Topps set, but the Finest looks really nice as do a couple others. Should I buy a Jumbo box of Topps and pre-order a box of Finest Hobby or should I just go after two Jumbo boxes of Topps? What about Bowman? Upper Deck? Score?

I am trying to strategize, I only have so much money to spend in a month. I REALLY want to collect autos for my personal collection and Chiefs!
If you want a base set wait until the end of the year when they send out the factory sets at target and walmart with a free patch card. There typically like 50 bucks cheaper then the cost of a box.

The overall population loses money when opening packs if your doing it to build the most valuable collection ie. best bang for your buck. Buy autographed single cards. From people here and from other sites, and auction houses.
As far as Upper Deck products, they no longer have an NFL license, so everyone will be in their college uniforms and there will be NO rookie cards in their sets. Honestly, you should avoid them like the plague.
buy the single autos you want and don't play the wax game... unless you really want to Smile
Like said earlier, avoid Upper Deck. Topps and Panini are good but from personal experiences, Panini really is lacking in their redemptions department. Good luck with the option you choose!
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