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I recently got a bunch of the 2008 Upper Deck Green Bay Gamers cards. They are similar to the Sweet Spot helmet cards except without autographs. I have included a picture below. I am only missing 3 cards to complete the set (and none of the 3 I am missing are stars). I am trying to decide whether to try and complete the set or just sell/trade off the individual cards that I don't want.
The question I have is, what product did these cards come in? Was it issued as a complete set or as an insert of some sort? The online guide doesn't give any information and neither does the annual printed guide (or at least not the one I have from 2010). The only info I have found so far is that they were a regional item only and not released nationally. I just want to get some more information before deciding what to do with the cards.
[Image: $(KGrHqVHJE!E91+YCOR0BQIup,q0IQ~~60_57.JPG]
they're issued as a set. They're $10 for the whole set here in wisconsin.
(08-18-2012 01:25 PM)chasescardcave Wrote: [ -> ]they're issued as a set. They're $10 for the whole set here in wisconsin.
Ok, thanks for the info. That is a pretty good deal at $10 considering there is a Matt Flynn rookie year card in there along with Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the key players on the team. Even more so when you consider the book value for the cards is over $100.
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