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So if I am understanding this right, the teams in the last draft order have the option if picking him up... Looking like the Vikings, Browns or Buca would be the realistic option... We will see soon I am sure...
I am hoping the Cowboys pick him up and trade for Colt McCoy.
(08-18-2012 12:47 PM)georgehenrycollector Wrote: [ -> ]I am hoping the Cowboys pick him up and trade for Colt McCoy.

Wishful thinking... But they are so far up on the list... We will see what happens...
Hopefully the Rams!
(08-18-2012 03:27 PM)coltsfan242 Wrote: [ -> ]Hopefully the Rams!
Not sure why the Rams would need him, they have a ton of receivers of about that same caliber. They need someone with a little more star potential.
Any News?
Nothing yet... Hopefully in the next few days...
Hope for bucs!! Need somebody like that.. He would do well as a slot with the 3 big play players and deep threats in v Jax, benn, and M Williams. Him and Clark set up on on opposite, you have 2 of the 3 deep guys going out, him and Clark excellent slot receivers going up the middle, and a great RB in the backfield in D Martin, who also is a great catching RB. He could fit in very well depending on health.
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