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I like this year's Tier One's much more than 2011

[Image: 7e49339b.jpg]

[Image: 4f62b23c.jpg]

[Image: 54f51da8.jpg]
I'm interested in the Mott - if its for trade. I have SOMETHING from Votto - but not sure what.

Check my org.

check me for Motte too.

Mike, you might be my new best friend or enemy...
is the trout for trade? nice p-ups btw!!!
Nice pulls man!!
Nice trout
Not bad, congrats on the Break. I love the motte, but i have it already, as well as the /25 and /10 version as well Smile.
Sorry for those asking about trades...still new here..I'll go the trade route next time..but for now, these cards are available here
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