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This might be a dumb question if so I apologize but
looking at a Panini black box absolute 1/1 laundry tag card. Now i dont see black box on the players card inventory so would it
be considered just the absolute laundry tag 1/1 listed in his inventory?

No, those are separate cards...I'm guessing they are not listed in the Beckett database and I've never seen a "checklist" for those either. Would kind of ruin the fun of opening those knowing there are scrub autos /25 in there! Wink
I have a brees black box 1/1
And she is correct...they are not listed in Beckett
Oh okay, thanks for clearing that up for me!
No stupid questions, only stupid....never mind - I'll be nice even though you are a Gator fanWink

I kid!
Appreciate that Wink
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