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As most know I am currently at the East Coast National in White Plains N.Y.

Off to a good start selling and ive been keeping my eyes peeled for everyone out there. Stuck out.

I am proud of myself not buying ANY cards yet.

There is alot packed in the room its in so if you are within a reasonable driving distance its well worth the trip.

On site grading is available with SCG, PSA and Beckett are here but I think its only in person submission.

I submitted 2 cards to PSA. I am expecting very high grades on them. I will be submitting some rare 90's inserts to BGS tomorrow.

Just thought id update everyone.

Cyber ill see you Sunday
I was there today. Wish I had known you were there, would have introduced myself.
I went today too. Going again Sunday.
How fun! I've never been to any kind of show like that!
Will be there Sunday....ron, maybe we can meet up with Chad....Smile
(08-17-2012 11:15 PM)cybertrenz02 Wrote: [ -> ]Will be there Sunday....ron, maybe we can meet up with Chad....Smile

That would be great! I'll PM you both my number so you can text me from the show.
Be on the lookout for rare Emmanuel Sanders cards for me please!!!!!
Chad lol make the whole place aware you're looking for a Bruce Carter SP Auto Big Grin . Good luck with selling there!
Yeah guys ill be leaving early on Sunday. Nasser already knows. But ill be gone by like one. 8 hour drive back home
Can I ask for a favor? Please look for any Jason Taylor on my needs list or any cool patches Id greatly appreciate it. Also any ZT or Marino would be swell as well. Have fun guys!!!

Here is my list for cards /25 or higher

Just any help would be awesome!
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