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Hello Beckett community, as most of you may know or not know. I have been traveling on business and vacation over the last 2 months (only 9 days were vacation). So that being said I have not had much time to visit here or pass my LCS. Well today as soon as my plane landed I headed over to the LCS to pick up a box of Anthology that the owner has been holding for me and boy I'm glad he did.

Not scanned Rookie Rivalry dual jersey Couturier/Strait (PC)

First off some Pinnacle, Contenders and Crown RCs

[Image: img364.jpg]

Then for a few AU RCs

[Image: img365.jpg]

But the hit of the box was in the box topper pack.

[Image: img366.jpg]

and the back
[Image: img367.jpg]
2011-12 Limited Back to the Future Dual Auto Brayden Schenn / Eric Lindros 04/25

Very pleased with hitting this card, even though they are Flyers.
Everything is for trade. Looking for the guys in my sig. The Schenn/Lindros will require a super nice Despres or Crosby for a trade.

Thanks for the look and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

I would have to say the Dual Auto saved the box. But it is still an awesome pickup, congrats.
Walt, I'm very glad to see you back in any capacity, and apparently that box of Anthology is too. After that (mis)adventure of a vacation followed up by a brutal work schedule, it's gotta be nice to return with such a nice pull.

I'm a little out of the loop Anthology just Panini throwing a whole bunch of RCs from different products into one pack?
Hey i would be interested in the Ben scrivens auto rookie jersey. THANKS AND CHECK OUT MY ORG.
Great break there my friend! Im glad to have you back.....itll be good to have another pens fan around!! great job on the Schenn/Lindros pull...those have been sonme pretty hard pulled cards to come buy! Just wish it was a Lemieux/Despres for you instead!

I hope you get a nice pc card for it! GOOD LUCK! AND GO PENS!!!
not bad welcome back
Great looking box Walt. That Lindros / Schenn is awesome.

Brilliant box, Walt! Welcome back, my good friend! I hope that we are able to make some trades soon!

wow Walt that was a very nice pull!!! congrats
very very nice pulls I wish I could get that lucky!!!!
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