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Full Version: OT: Android Apps
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Well my wife let me get a new phone and I got me a android powered one. What are some cool apps I should get? I am new to all this and need some helpSmile
sorry bud...iphone user here Smile
I've got a Motorola Razr, but I hardly have ANY apps for it. I do have an NFL app, an NFL FFB app, and a Backgammon app though.
Advanced task killer is great, but with the ics and jb I think there are settings to do the task killing already. Cache cleaner helps a lot with performance too.
I prefer the dolphin browser to the stock android one. Db has tabs and there are some neat add ons you can find.
Angry birds! Lol. Me and my wife play "draw something" and also "fruit ninja" is pretty addicting. Not sure of any card apps.
thanks guys, gonna check them outSmile
Scramble with friends isnt bad imo.
As far as games, Word with friends is cool, I have a baseball game called 9 innings that is decent. And of course, angry birds as someone mentioned.
I also have ESPN scorecenter and NFL mobile. Also, if you have netflix, theres an app for that where you can watch TV on your phone thats pretty cool, although it uses a lot of data so watch your usage as it can get expensive if you go over.
Best app i ever installed was flashlight that turns your phone into just that. Cant tell you how many times thats come in handy. theres also a compass and level app that are handy as well. hope this helps.
PS - all of these are free!
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