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thanks for looking!

[Image: BBDC39B8-1500-43C4-914B-1E4209775381-705...027F78.jpg]

2012 rookie reprint

[Image: F22C9643-7FED-4299-B6E5-476E73A13B1E-705...265A7F.jpg]

[Image: F0579940-ECB2-4DAD-A40E-5274F495F6C0-705...258B31.jpg]

[Image: 9A90BE3F-7AA4-4CF0-BE16-FE3FBD156BC4-705...AC0003.jpg]

[Image: 0F119457-DD23-42E3-8081-B8EF74F3B45F-705...33E1D2.jpg]
is that an error card? drew bref's?
I didn't even notice!
I went look at it again and it's either an F
or the bottom of the E rubbed off somehow.
Good eye!
It must be with all of them..
There is another on the bay that looks exactly like it
Who Dat!!!! brother.....Very NiceSmile
(08-17-2012 03:40 PM)bigdehart64 Wrote: [ -> ]Who Dat!!!! brother.....Very NiceSmile

thanks...cannot wait for the first regular season game!!!!!
I looked and I likey!
Haha thanks warcraftin! Appreciate the comment
(08-17-2012 04:40 PM)brentboudreaux1 Wrote: [ -> ]Haha thanks warcraftin! Appreciate the comment

NP anytime Smile
Nice adds!!! I really do like those Milestone cards, I wish they had some for the Skins, but I don't think the kind of Milestones the Skins hit warrant a
Great adds!
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