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When did Beckett BGS Grading Service start making telemarketing calls?

I got a missed call on my cell phone today. Did not recognize the number or area code. I googled it, & found it belongs to BGS (972-448-9188,

I have never submitted anything for a BGS & am not a big fan. Only because it is too expensive for me to submit cards for grading.

I did not give them permission for them to call me.

My cell number is on the "National Do No Call List"

I do not know how they got my number. Did they get it from the regular part of Beckett, which I am an active member in the forums?

I am curious if others got calls like this recently.
They probably want to extend a grading offer to you. I'm curious to what they offer. They send me a "frequent submitter" special and I have to wonder if they're extending it to first timers under a different title.
after leaving a post on here, I checked my email & found an offer for discounted BGS grading.. sounds good. Person that sent me the email actually works at BGS. I called to verify to make sure it wasn't a phishing scam..

I still think it is strange that they called me, instead of sending me a PM via Beckett website... since they should be able to see that I am logged on 2 or more times daily...
The frequent submitter special they gave me is a lot simpler when you stick to 10 cards and not overly complicate things by having your buddies piggy back with random additions (like a cross grade). I love submitting with my friends because it gives more cards and more chances for a BGS 10 (I'm happy for them even if I don't get one).

That said it's a lot easier to sort out your cost with just your cards.
Heh they just called me to extend the frequent submitter special. I told her I already have 27 cards sitting in their grading office for the October special.

I was playing with the math for the offered special versus last month and this months specials and honestly the cost difference isn't that big.

I'd submit around 100 cards if they offered the November 2008 special again ($5/20 days). I only remember it b/c it was my first submission.
(10-26-2012 11:58 AM)y2hood Wrote: [ -> ]the November 2008 special again ($5/20 days). I only remember it b/c it was my first submission.

My first submission was April 2003.
(10-26-2012 01:34 PM)nolan5000 Wrote: [ -> ]My first submission was April 2003.

That's awesome man Smile
I may have started before you, but you by far have subbed more than me. I subbed once in 2003, then once in 2006, then 4 times in 2009, then once in 2011 and then once last month.
I have never submitted cards for grading... costs too much for me & I can not afford it...

I would rather buy more cards that I want for my collection or save for new car...
To reinforce what I said earlier in this thread:

The November special is almost spot on to what they offer as the "frequent submitter special" on these calls. Only difference is the November special doesn't have a 10-day option or the $1 autograph feature. September and October specials were almost inconsequential in price difference as well.

I'm probably done grading for the year. They'd have to really *wow* me in December with all the Christmas costs I'm about to incur for family and friends.
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