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I was just gonna make a thread about it myself. Sorry slotman!!! : (
Sorry Slot!!! Hopefully he can make a comeback next year.
Hope to see him on the Broncos. Sit him on the roster, let him rest. Nice Slot receiver like that, Manning will love a guy like that.
congrats slot!! cards should get cheaper now...and he'll make a comeback. no need to fret!

i was able to get lots of Stafford on the cheap when he was hurt....he'll be back.
Well,that will ruin a weekend!
In before the I feel his pain. I've had favorite players traded before from my team which is why I went with the favorite college player route instead.
early rumors are he could end up in Jacksonville
Sorry Slot, but he will def. catch on somewhere, like mooncricket said, Denver would be an ideal landing spot.
I say to hell with them... Gruden is a complete moron, and I truly feel bad for how Ship got screwed by the Bengals organization... I am thinking he should be grabbed up pretty quick, and I will have NO problem rooting for him on his new team... Supposedly Dallas is looking at him... We will see... Oh, and to all the Bengals fans, I have quite a few team items to offload... Not Shipley stuff... But team wear etc... if anyone wants to dump his cards, I am always buying.. Thanks for the support all...Wink
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