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I know this might not be on topic here but I thought that I would share with you guys the starting of my new custom. This is one I am doing now for Dolphins Richie Incognitio.

What I do is resculpt different things that I need using already existing parts from McFarlane action figures. I will resculpt using a 2 part epoxy putty and then get it as close as I can. Once I am done, I will primer the figure and then start the painting process. I hope that you guys like it and thanks for looking.

Here is the pose that Richie requested and I think I got close but not perfect..still trying to get better.

[Image: 529359_3039893720775_1366001489_2167640_...5016_n.jpg]

The resculpted custom along with some close ups

[Image: P7190334.jpg]

[Image: P7190333.jpg]

[Image: P7190331.jpg]

[Image: P7190328.jpg]

The primered figure ready for paint....

[Image: primer1.jpg]
Looks good! How long does the total process usually take?
Looks good
Thanks for the kind words. If I sit down to work it usually takes me about 20-30 hours to complete one.
That's some talent there. Impressive.
That's really cool Joe!!! Thanks for sharing Smile
That is cool, thanks for sharing, can't wait to see the finished product.
Very cool, I bet the painting will take a little while with all of his tattoos.
Awesome!!! You're a very talented artist!
That is so frickin cool! Cant wait to see the finished piece.
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