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Got a PM from Warcraftin after he check out my Jacquizz Rodgers Supercollection website and informed me that he might have a card that I'd REALLY need and have been searching for for forever. Well, indeed he had it and decided that he'd help out the Quizz PC Smile Today in the mail I recieved the final piece, the base emerald #01/10. My Crown Royale set is FINALLY COMPLETE!! And to top it off, both my Emeralds (base and auto) are #01/10. Thanks again War!!

BTW the Auto is another Crown Emerald auto #08/10. I know have 3 of the Emerald Autos Wink

[Image: IMAG0938.jpg]
Here's the others in the set
[Image: CrownRoyale.jpg]
Congrats on completing the emerald! +1 for warcrafting
Congrats on finishing the rainbow. Those look pretty dang nice all together! WTG warcraftin!
Your Welcome. I am glad it made it their safe Smile

CongratZ on finishing it!
nice job on finishing it! Wtg warcraftin!!
Warcraftin is a great guy, he helped out my Daryll Clark PC out as well. Congrats on the rainbow.
great looking cards love crown royale
Congrats Matt!!! That's AWESOME Smile

Warcraftin way to help complete a sweet lookin' rainbow!
Awesome! They look great together!
WTG Warcraftin! Awesome set!
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