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Putting together a grading order and I was trying to decide what to put for my final card to make it a round number. My lady's keeping me on a short leash with grading since the wedding is approaching so I was trying to be very selective. I went in the man cave and started just flipping through my collection to see if there's any gems I misfiled or anything and nothing was really jumping at me. Then I looked over at my graded shelf and saw my two PSA cards.

I looked at my 1969 PSA 7 Hank Aaron and I was like, "well it's not worth spending the money on a cross grade, but I really hate that holder." I remembered the mess I made a few months ago busting a few BGS cards out so I cleared my work area grabbed my pliers and flathead screw driver and sat down. I squeezed the pliers on the label area and got the crack. Then I worked in my flathead and worked (gave it a few light taps on the table) until I was able to lift the plastic and retrieve my card. Didn't take much at all.

So I went grab the other PSA card, a 2004 auto of Saints WR Devery Henderson. Not a high dollar card at all but I'm a Saints fan and the price was right when I bought it. I had an idea.

I placed the flathead on the side by the label area and tapped it down on the table twice and it split. No plastic went flying. The holder just opened up for me. I lifted it, retrieved my card, and put it down.

When I returned from putting the card into a card saver I glanced at the PSA holder. It was remarkably undamaged.

[Image: 2012-08-16_19-51-00_237.jpg]

This is a cell phone image and it's kind of blurry, but it looks totally undamaged with no signs of tampering at all. I'm throwing this away, yes I am.

But it scares the holy ever loving crap out of me how easy that was and how easy it'd be to pull something shady.

PSA fans take note, once I'm taken off of my "spending limit" after the wedding, you won't have to ever worry about me competing with you on Ebay auctions for PSA cards anymore. You can have them.

I can't trust these holders anymore. I used to just smile and nod when other people spoke of this very thing. Now that I've seen it first hand I'm pretty startled. I'm actually wondering about the two cards I just busted, to be honest.

EDIT: I should have filmed the PSA breaking but just to give you a comparison, here's how hard it is to break a BGS case:
[Image: th_Movieon2012-01-20at2334-1.jpg]
I agree it is easy to break out those cards, but if you were to take the time and actually try to put it back together and reseal it, you would see significant frosting on the edges indicating a separated slab.
I'm still going to throw it away but I'm thinking of setting up a comedy website on tumbler or blogspot about this first. Gotta think about it some more though.
No label bias, I busted them out and then sent them in.

[Image: HankAaronPSAlabel_zps92489865.jpg]
[Image: 1969ToppsHankAaron_zpsa0fbc1c6.jpg]

[Image: DeveryHendersonPSAlabel_zpsd4da2d54.jpg]
[Image: 2004PressPassAutographsBronzeDeveryHende...831f1c.jpg]
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