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I sold this card a long time ago and would like to get it back if I ever find it. Let me know if you have seen it!! Thanks, Seth

[Image: palmergold.jpg]
wow thats a nice card
That's so sick
(08-16-2012 05:09 PM)p18mann Wrote: [ -> ]That's so sick

I know, its one of the nicest cards ever made, IMO. I'm glad I sold it when I did cause it was when palmer was super hot and I got a LOT out of it but now I wish I still had it and want it back.
Good luck! It's probably in some collector's vault.
WOW, sweet patch.
WOW!! That is a super sweet card!! But like uwash said, with a card that nice, its probably locked away in someone's pc. Good luck in your search though.
(08-16-2012 05:29 PM)uwash97 Wrote: [ -> ]Good luck! It's probably in some collector's vault.

It will pop up one day...........I HOPE
Man that patch is crazy nice. Its probably in someones safe deposit box with a gun and some passports lol
OMG it sold on Ebay 2 weeks ago and I missed it!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! I usually check once a week for it but have been pretty busy and hadn't been on there for a week or so. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!
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