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I guess that most people are posting these in baseball since that was Godwin's past, but it just seems more appropriate here for reasons that should be obvious:

Autograph - Dale Hawechuck (I hope I spelled it correctly or at least close enough) - its a redemption, so some excitement is off especially given Upper Deck's record but its always awesome to pull a Hall of Fame autograph


Eric Lindros - its blue so I'm guessing Maple Leafs jersey.

Hulk Hogan - bright yellow showing the classic Hulkmania look - the only non-hockey "hit" (glad to get something from him since I grew up in the 1980s - especially with the classic 80s look)

Not as fond of the base design as last year's, but oh well. The military machines inserts (I got the Sherman Tank and the F-105) look awesome
Nice hogan
nice be very interested in the howerchuck auto if its for trade
(08-17-2012 02:57 PM)jets18 Wrote: [ -> ]nice be very interested in the howerchuck auto if its for trade

Its a hard call for me on whether to even consider trading - on one hand, its always hard to give up a Hall of Famer on card auto especially from a nice looking set - on the other hand, how much do you trust a redemption from Upper Deck?
(08-16-2012 10:58 AM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Nice hogan

An Andre the Giant would have been cooler, but it definitely saves me from being tempted to buy one of the Hogan cards from my LCS
The blue of the eric lindros jersey can also be from his NY Rangers days...
sweet Dale and big E hits

and Hogan knows best
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