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Ok there is a listing on ebay for a 2011 NT Patch of Brandon Marshall and the patch is the face of the dolphin with a BIN of 199.99 and its #'d to 25. I Know its a great patch. But I messaged them offering them 75 on it and was remed on giving him a low ball offer. Im sorry I know its a game used patch but I pay less than 75 for most of his 1/1 autos that I have. I paid 68 for his 1/1 2010 LCM Mirror Black Auto and Actually paid more for the emerald /2 which I paid almost 80 for. If it was your only PC player. Would you say 75 is a bad offer? for a Patch /25 with no auto? I even feel Im willing to pay way to much for it. But hey thats what happens when you try to pick up everything possible for a player collection lol
Uh $75 was a fair offer considering this
I knew you would be one of the few to respond lol. If you search marshall patch /25 it will show up. I mean the patch is better but its not worth anywhere 75 and thats what I offered and he basically told me to go scratch lol. BTW I still have all those Marinos. I switched banks so I need to update my information on here because they took my org away from me lol!
Yeah I saw it. Its cool to have the Phins head centered like that no doubt but for me Id take the other one for $10 lol. The Marshalls have not moved as well.
(08-16-2012 01:48 AM)bakerman8419 Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah I saw it. Its cool to have the Phins head centered like that no doubt but for me Id take the other one for $10 lol. The Marshalls have not moved as well.

True, there is also a 2012 Elite patch of the tail #'d to 17 or 14 on there with a starting bid or 9.99 of Bin of 40. I might just ride that one out and watch that
um ... I have 4 of the 25 logo pieces for that side of the patch... he declined my 125.00 offer too!
Most definitely a fair offer. I realize, being a player collector, that some people will not budge on a card because they just want as much as the can get. I absolutly hate BIN/accepting offers. I found out through the years that people put a higher BIN just to receive higher offers.

One guy listed the leaf limited Phenoms platinum NFL Logo auto patch of Harry douglas for $599. I told him that I saw it end a while back for $120 and offered $135. It was declined. Offered $150...declined again. It is so hard to pay that much for that card when I can buy a really nice Ray Lewis or Brett Favre or any other good player. The bad thing is that I really want that card. He will not accept on less than $200 for it. I will probably post it when I get it.
I personally wouldn't go more than $40-$50, it's a killer patch but lets be honest it's just a patch. I've found that if you wait long enough prices always come down.
Its in japan! Never been a fan of stuff shipped from there!
I think that was fair, th fact that the seller got mad Is ridiculous. I had someone offer me 1 dollar for a set I had listed for 12500. Lol. Now that is a lowball offer :-). And I didn't get mad. I just laughed
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