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Full Version: shot out to slotman11
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just want to say thanks man for the shipley camp tshirt and the shipley refractor card!
[Image: 34sjm2g.jpg]
[Image: dnk85j.jpg]
Appreciate the heads up... And I am so happy you like it... Exclusive from the show!!! I need to post all the ones I got...If you want to show pics for all to see use photobucket... The thumbnails don't work...
wow sweet! good job slotman... a great member for sure
yea hes awesome for hooking me up for sure made my day better!
oh i also for got thanks so much for finding the "I" that was awesome too!
That's cool!! where did you get that shirt? I wonder if there is a Team LaFell shirt?
he got it a the shipley camp they went to in cincinnati
Yeah, and there were a few different types... He and all the coaches wore that model shirt this time around, and it is the sports shirt style... I picked up 3 t shirts for me... I will get pics up soon...
Very nice of you to do that
Another Ship collector, very kewl! I can see Slotman is a good fella in the short time I have been back on the boards!
Very cool! Nice going slotman Smile
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