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Bought a box of Rookie Anthology recently plus 1 pack each of Crown Royale, SP GU, and SPX.
Here is what I got.

First the Pinnacle Rookies from the Anthology box

[Image: scan0011.jpg]

Then the Certified and Crown Royale rookies. The Kubalik was the box topper.

[Image: scan0009.jpg]

The Contenders RC and the Rookie Treasures Auto

[Image: scan0010.jpg]

The Jerseys From The Crown Royal and SP GU

[Image: scan0012.jpg]

My #2 hit from my ONLY pack of SPx I have bought this year.

[Image: scan0013.jpg]

and Finally #1 hit

[Image: scan0015.jpg]

All in all a good-- 6 autos inc. 5 from the Anthology box.
Nice break - that Couturier is an awesome hit!!!
Alot of Sens sounds like my kinda pack Smile

Nice pack hits.
Nice stuff
Woah! Nice pulls! Especially love that Hawks hit.
Very nice hits! love that Couturier!!!

Love the Bossy...I never tire of the Flashback Fabrics autos. Imagine if they converted to hard-signed...

I'll never understand how you guys hit such awesome stuff in single packs. I almost always get completely shut out.
you did very well with your top 2 hits for sure

Gotta love it did you round out with the BV and the cost of the product?
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