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I have only found one place that listed this card that sold in 2007. They have no price available here on the site. Would love any help on getting a value on this card. Thanks so much!

*ALBERT PUJOLS * 2006 Topps 1952 Rookie Card Baseball. This is Albert Pujols Autographed Short Print Insert Card#52S-JAP. Topps has released their short print autographed list showing that only (20) Albert Pujols autographed cards were produced.

[Image: 685b33a4.jpg]
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Thank you!
my guess 200 to 250 just a guess.
The last time it sold was in February of 2007 and it sold for $499.99. I just have no idea how to find value five years later.

Thanks for your reply!
I would be very surprised if it got 500$, your likely looking at a 300$ card, but i dont know. Slap a .99 start price and let it ride on ebay.
likely it would get around 225 right now
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