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got in another 1/1 for my "2012 1/1 PC" .. and here..we.. GO

[Image: cyrusgray.jpg]
1/1!!! very cool...
nice add!!
nothing wrong with 1/1 sweet pickup!
Why would you NOT show? 1/1's need to be seen & loved!
thanks guys! im hoping to add other 1/1 in other brands but i dont see many that catch my eye like these showcase 1/1s
have to love 1/1's
Nice! How many do you have?
(08-15-2012 06:30 PM)uwash97 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice! How many do you have?

quite a few... theyre in my bucket under "2012 autos" .. i was gonna make a rolling PC thread as i get them in.. i have 2 more coming..
I have in hand

Cyrus Gray
Russell Wilson(inscription)
(2) Justin Blackmons
Marquis Maze
Quinton Coples
Stephon Gilmore
Trent Richardson
Michael Floyd
Kendall Wright
John Elway-Leaf cut executive masterpiece auto 1/1
Congrats! Have you posted a pic of the Elway?
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