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Full Version: FT: 1953 topps graded
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looking to trade any of these. would like to get T206 or other graded vintage. send offers
[Image: 1953Topps103JoeAstrothDP.jpg]
[Image: 1953Topps129KeithThomasRC.jpg]
[Image: 1953Topps131HarryByrdDPRC.jpg]
[Image: 1953Topps15BoboNewsomDPRC.jpg]
[Image: 1953Topps186CharlieBishopRC.jpg]
[Image: 1953Topps227MorrieMartin.jpg]
[Image: 1953Topps24FerrisFain.jpg]
[Image: 1953Topps279JoeColemanDP.jpg][Image: 1953Topps42GusZernialDP.jpg]
[Image: 1953Topps64DavePhilley.jpg]

[Image: 1953Topps97DonKollowayDP.jpg]
Did you buy one of those 53 Xmas packs on the bay?
The grades didnt turn out good, i was thinking of doing my pack
i got off the bay
i did not buy one of those packs
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