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I'm very close to finally moving now..

Im looking to get rid of a large chuck of my cards for cheap. Im going to throw in binders, some top loaders and penny sleeves, and unused ultrapro pages. Im pretty much getting rid of all of my cards and supplies except my personal collection. If there is any interest of people that want to pick up then Ill count out how many autos and mems are involved. (They aren't pictured here)

[Image: photo6av.jpg]

[Image: photo5uf.jpg]
South jersey hear
Ocean County
Atlantic county
Ocean is about 1 hr 15 min away
Atlantic - closer to 3 hours

Im in Hunterdon on the western side.
I have slot machines
(08-14-2012 09:26 PM)elberson Wrote: [ -> ]I have slot machines

I blow more money on cards then slot machines haha.
off topic but recently I was at the Trop and I sat down at the Ghostbuster slot machine..lost 10$.. got up and my brother won 50 garr...

Anyway... I love the Dimaggio relic you have but I fear I do not have anything pricy enough to trade for it... but how about one of those Paul O'Neil relics you got

please check me... thanks
middlesex county
Union co.
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