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hello all. im searching high and low for these 2 cards from the 2012 tna reflexxions card set

christopher daniels silver auto #/99

christopher daniels green auto #/5

these are the only 2 i need. i located a green on ebay, but its 50.00+ and the seller refuses to workout a lower price, even though he got it for 13.00!

im looking to buy if the price is right. or trade. i have an extra reflexxions red auto of his /25 id be willing to trade for a silver/99

please help me get my white whales!

for trades and such check my bucket:
Sent you a PM. Thank you.

responded. thanks.

still looking!
bump. still searching. need a silver /99 daniels auto and a green /5
I feel for you..I really do. I hate it when people buy it like that and then triple or quadruple the price they paid and not negotiate.
yea. i really wanna complete it, but im not spending that much. im not gonna give in to his ways. i dont think its right. yea, he wants to make a profit on a purchase and i understand that, but hes got it way too high and doesnt wanna negotiate. and thats not good biz. he does all his listings that way. some are priced 20.00 above bv.

even if he got 20.00 for it, that 7.00 profit for him. guess he wants huge 20-30.00 profit margins.
bump. still looking. anyone out there?
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